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The Depot is taking off!

Work is progressing at the depot site. Iowa Wall Sawing Service has cut the building loose from the foundation concrete that will not be making the move and Thein Structural Moving is on site starting their work. We have ran into delays in the foundation work at the new depot site, but have a new contractor on board and expect to start foundation work late August or Early September.

After cutting the building loose from the foundation, sections of the foundation were knocked out to provide pathways for the temporary steel beam installation. After this work was completed, excavation under the depot commenced. The wood floor structure is in excellent shape and is good for many years to come. The first temporary beams are staged and ready to roll under the building!

We’ve got steel under the building! Even with a minor rain delay today (8/24), work continues to prepare the depot for movement!

Houston, we have liftoff! The building was jacked up around 9” today to allow for cribbing and in preparation for rolling dollies under the building for the big move this fall!

And just like that, the Charles City depot has reached full height. It will stay in this position until this fall when the movers will be back with dollies. At that point, the depot will be lowered onto the dollies and driven to the new site, where it will be lowered into position and the foundations extended up to meet the depot.

Phase 1 of the 'Save the Depot' Project now has a GoFundMe page! You can also donate there by following this link:

If you'd like to continue to support the Depot Fund, additional funds raised will go towards any surprise costs of moving the Depot or will be added to the Phase 2 starting balance for Renovations! You can give directly to the cause by going to and clicking the 'PayPal - DONATE NOW' link on the home page. You can also send a check to PO Box 683, Charles City, IA 50616 or you can stop by First Security Bank and make a direct deposit to the 'Save the Depot' fund. Thank you all for your amazing generosity!

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