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A Solid Foundation

Quality Concrete has began setting forms on 9/2/2021 for the foundation at the new depot site! With the weather forecast for tomorrow, we expect that the first concrete pour will be early next week. After that the contractor will start setting forms for the foundation walls. Stay tuned, the foundation will be shaping up shortly.

And we’re back, with pictures from inside of what will become the basement. Forms are largely complete for the footers and rebar is being tied onto the footer bars for forming up the basement walls next.

September 7th, 2021 marked a major milestone in the depot moving process, our first concrete placement took place this afternoon! Footers were poured for the foundation walls and select columns. The next step will be for the stem wall rebar and form work to go together.

Quality Concrete has placed the footers and is continuing to install the rebar for the stem walls of the foundation. This area will house museum storage, our passenger train library and research archive and mechanical spaces. We are fortunate to be above the water table and have quick draining sandy soil in Charles City, otherwise a basement library would likely have been a no-go. The contractor will finish up with stem wall rebar in the next few days or so and start setting forms to prepare for pouring the basement walls. The foundation is starting to take shape!

Phase 1 of the 'Save the Depot' Project now has a GoFundMe page! You can donate there by following this link:

If you'd like to continue to support the Depot Fund, additional funds raised will go towards any surprise costs of moving the Depot or will be added to the Phase 2 starting balance for Renovations! As always, you can give directly to the cause by going to and clicking the 'PayPal - DONATE NOW' link on the home page. You can also send a check to PO Box 683, Charles City, IA 50616 or you can stop by First Security Bank and make a direct deposit to the 'Save the Depot' fund. Thank you all for your amazing generosity!

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