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Big News! #SaveTheDepot Update!

Over the last several months, the Save the Depot committee has been making progress on reaching out to donors large and small to keep moving this progress forward. As of today, we have raised $185k of our $350k goal! We're over halfway there! But ,we only have a month to go!

With only a month left, things are really starting to heat up. We still have several more substantial donations on their way, but we still need everyone’s help to make this happen. So, please consider donating! Donations are also eligible for Jim Smith's generous $100k match opportunity! What does that mean? Well, if you donate $100 dollars, that means the effort gets $200 - your $100 and $100 of match! Every little bit helps!

Also, stop by and watch the marquee at the Charles Theater! One of our supporters and committee members has made up a great message. Really goes to show that we can save this historic and important depot for future generations of Charles City residents!

The time is now! If you have outstanding pledges, please send them in! If you'd like to contribute to saving this amazing building, please send your check to the 'American Passenger Train History Museum' at PO Box 683, Charles City, IA 50616 and put 'Save the Depot' in the memo. Or you can go to and donate via the PayPal link on our home page! Thank you to all our amazing donors so far! Your generosity can not be overstated. Together, we are working to save this historic and iconic depot for future generations. And all because of generous people like you! Thank you!

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