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'Cookies for a Cause!' at HyVee Charles City!

We are excited to announce that HyVee in Charles City, Iowa is running a special 'Cookies for a Cause' campaign right now! When you buy a dozen of HyVee Cookies, $1 of your purchase is set aside for the 'Save the Depot' project. Want to surprise the kids with a sweet treat? Or maybe you need a little pick-me-up after a rough day? Grab a dozen or two cookies and help save the Historic Milwaukee Road Depot!

So far we have raised $240,000 to save the depot! Even though our goal is $350,000 we are making great progress and we thank everyone for their continued support! If we can raise at least $300,000 we can set the moving date with the moving company! Then we can finish the remainder of the fundraising for Phase 1 (The Move) while we are doing the prep work!

As always, you can also give directly to the cause by going to and click the 'PayPal - DONATE NOW' link in the top section of the page or follow the link below. You can also send a check to PO Box 683, Charles City, IA 50616 but due to delays with the USPS and our approaching deadline, we are urging people to use PayPal. Thank you all for your amazing generosity! It's because of people like you that this effort has come so far! Thank you!

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