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Happy Birthday, Amtrak!

Updated: May 6, 2021

We at the American Passenger Train History Museum would like to wish Amtrak, America's National Passenger Train operator, a Happy Birthday!

On May 1st, 1971, Amtrak assumed operation of most passenger rail services from the private railway companies. Our Museum's mission is to preserve not only examples of the services that came before Amtrak, but the evolution of Amtrak and passenger rail throughout time.

Below is a selection of images throughout the history of Amtrak; Enjoy!

Photo 1: The first Amtrak locomotive in the '1st Day' paint scheme.

Photo 2: A "Rainbow Era" train with an Amtrak locomotive and 2 yet to be repainted cars. The early 1970's were known as the rainbow era due to the many different colors of the equipment that Amtrak inherited from the private railways. Slide from the collection of Justin Nelson.

Photo 3: One of our museum cars in Amtrak service, this is our Great Northern dome coach #1320, slide from the collection of Justin Nelson.

Photo 4: An ex-Milwaukee Road Super Dome brings up the rear of an Amtrak train in its new Amtrak paint scheme. Slide from the collection of Justin Nelson.

Photo 5: Amtrak 100 in the 'Midnight Blue' scheme honoring the employees who operate the trains overnight. Photo credit to Matt Donnelly from (Here)

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