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The 'Temperatures' keep Raising!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

There are some major #DepotUpdates this week!

We have raise $286,000! We also have $24,000 left to match of Jim Smith's $100,000 Challenge! We are making great progress and we thank everyone for their continued support! If we can raise at least $300,000 we can set the Depot's moving date with the moving company! Our goal for Phase 1 of the project is still $350,000 so we still need to keep the momentum going!

Want your donation to have double the impact? Well donate today and your donation will be eligible for Jim Smith's $100,000 Match Challenge! What does that mean? Well, if you donate $100 dollars, that means the 'Save the Depot' effort gets $200 - your $100 and $100 of match! Every little bit helps! In recognition of our shortening timeline, we are encouraging donors to use our PayPal option to expedite delivery of donations.

As always, you can also give directly to the cause by going to and click the 'PayPal - DONATE NOW' link in the top section of the page or follow the link below. You can also send a check to PO Box 683, Charles City, IA 50616 or you can stop by First Security Bank and make a direct deposit to the 'Save the Depot' fund. Thank you all for your amazing generosity! It's because of people like you that this effort has come so far! Thank you!

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